1. Course objectives

This course is designed to help students:

  • Compare between rural and urban areas in terms of: career opportunities, health, cost of living, transportation, learning opportunities, interpersonal relationships.
  • Discuss the phenomenon of migration, population growth in big cities, solutions to overpopulation.
  • Present opinions on working time and leisure time in developed and developing countries.
  • State the roles of sport in life, health and community.
  • Introduce a custom of Vietnam or another country.
  • Discuss about customs and practices, culture shock.
  • Understand the country, culture and people of Vietnam through practical experience programs.

2. General information

  • Number of periods: 80 periods (2 periods/day; 2 months/course)
  • Number of units: Unit 6-Unit 10
  • Syllabus: Tiếng Việt cho người nước ngoài 4 (VSL4)
  • Final exam