1. Course objectives

This course is designed to help students:

  • Accumulate general knowledge about Vietnamese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, style and culture; Use natural morphemes in the target language to accurately express the meaning of the source language.
  • Have basic knowledge of translation theory, modern translation approaches and methods.
  • Have basic knowledge of the skills of remembering, taking notes, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, information processing, synthesizing, summarizing and accurately expressing the information to be conveyed.
  • Acquire knowledge about translation and interpreting techniques, specific grammar in the field of translation.
  • Understand basic Vietnamese terms in specialized fields.
  • Translating documents in the genres of socio-economic reports, scientific documents, news bulletins.
  • Interpreting at conferences, seminars, business, political and casual conversations.
  • Understand the country, culture and people of Vietnam through practical experience programs.

2. General information

  • Number of periods: 40 (2 periods/day; 1 month/course)
  • Syllabus: Tài liệu tiếng Việt chuyên ngành tài chính ngân hàng, đầu tư