1. Course objectives

This course is designed to help students:

  • Understand and use Vietnamese economic vocabulary and common sentence structures used in negotiation activities.
  • Use correct expressions in negotiation and negotiation to ensure clear, professional and formal conversation.
  • Know how to present and state the purpose of the negotiation clearly and accurately.
  • Use the correct expressions to show concessions and agree with your partner.
  • Use sentence patterns when you need to show assertiveness and firmness when you want to refuse a partner’s proposal.
  • Use the correct sentence patterns to say when reaching an agreement in negotiation.
  • Use the right words to end a negotiation succinctly, clearly, and suggest a lasting relationship.
  • Conduct conversations fluently and clearly in negotiating situations.
  • Understand the country, culture and people of Vietnam through practical experience programs

2. General information

  • Number of periods: 40 (2 periods/day; 1 month/course)
  • Syllabus: Tài liệu tiếng Việt chuyên ngành đàm phán, thương thảo trong hoạt động kinh tế