Lee Jo Eun’s feedback

Mr. John

Learning Vietnamese is challenging yet rewarding. Pronunciation is the hardest aspect of learning. But don’t be too concerned! Because the teachers at this center have a lot of experience and are highly passionate, they will help you become more confidence when speaking Vietnamese. Thanks to them, I am now able to speak Vietnamese fluently. Thanks to all of the instructors!

Ms. Suzi

If you study here, you’ll almost certainly have plenty of opportunites to practice Vietnamese with native speakers. I get to know a lot of students through Vietnamese Language Club.  Vietnamese students are absolutely lovely. They like making friends with people from other countries. They helped correcting all of my grammatical and spelling errors. They also introduced me to a variety of tasty, nutritional, and inexpensive eating places. And the club is a real blast with lots of game for you to learn and play.

Mr. Pen

I was concerned about traveling in Vietnam before I arrived since I had heard that the traffic was incredibly tricky. I imagine that when I learn Vietnamese, I will have to use cabs rather frequently. However, a class has recently introduced near my residence. It was fantastic since it took me only 10 minutes walking from my residence. For me, the class is quite beneficial. When I go to a restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery, I can now communicate in Vietnamese. Thank you, Hanita Language and Culture Center!

Ms. Alex

Even though I have never been to Vietnam, but I can understand about the country and the people. I joined some online Vietnamese courses at Hanita, and now I can speak Vietnamese. At first, I thought online learning was not really effective, but the teachers had great lessons that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Thank you teachers at Hanita!

Mr. Harris

The courses are really interesting with comprehensive lessons, and their teaching methods are practical. I also love field trips. Unlike some other tours, I was guided and explained by my teachers. Wonderful, I have learned more about the country and their real life.

Ms. Anna

I’ve made a lot of new friends thanks to Hanita. Japanese, Americans, French, Dutch, and Korean are among my classmates. The majority of them are Korean. As a result, I learnt some Korean greetings thanks to them. My classmates are nice people. Educators are amazing. Thank you to everyone who made my trip to Vietnam so memorable.